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Building a strong leadership team is one key to success. The ability to lead people and help them grow is essential if you want to succeed as a start-up entrepreneur, or as a high-performing employee in your company. We provide leadership coaching services and help leaders learn the most essential leadership qualities so that they can more confidently manage employees in their care and develop their skills.

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Our Claim

Leadership can be learned

Nobody is born a leader. Leaders are made. Through their personal experience, they learn how to be successful leaders and develop the qualities that help them become one. Leadership roles and qualities are vital not only for the success of the leader and the growth of the organization, but also for the development of their team members. If a leader changes, so will their team.

What is leadership?

Good leadership is the ability to influence others in a certain direction. Positive leadership means to influence others positively to allow more self-reflection, well-being and innovation in your team.

What are the most important
leadership qualities?

In our leadership coaching, we coach and train leaders in these three pillars:

Self Leadership

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How to learn to set your focus, manage your time and be self-directed as a leader

The ability of a leader to perceive and reflect on oneself properly

The ability to develop a higher purpose and vision for one’s leadership role

The ability as a leader to plan and manage the individual strategic and operational time 

The ability of a leader to establish the right routines to achieve goals

The ability to perform at peak performance as a leader while reducing stress and remaining resilient

The ability to work as a leader in a solution-oriented manner and to find solutions to all problems 

Employee Leadership

Employee leadership - Amaze Growth

How to motivate, hire, develop, and communicate with employees to develop their maximum potential and strengthen their loyalty and retention

The ability to develop the right understanding of the role in the leadership role

The ability to motivate and inspire employees in order to get a strong commitment

Ability to develop a people sense to recruit the right team fits 

The ability to integrate new team members into the team community and to ensure a fast and good skill building process

The ability as a leader to delegate tasks in order to focus on core tasks

The ability as a leader to communicate effectively with employees and provide feedback

The ability to lead and master difficult conversations as a leader 

The ability to spend sufficient time to develop employees so that they remain with the company

Team Leadership

Team leadership - Amaze Growth

How to build teams, manage conflict, work with OKRs, and promote diversity, inclusion and a learning culture

The ability to understand the different dynamics in a team and to manage them consciously and actively

The ability to act differently with employees depending on the situation, so that each individual can be properly dealt with

The ability to resolve very critical situations and conflicts in a team setting

The ability to coach and develop a team

The ability to manage and optimize the performance of a team

The ability to understand the different needs of the employees and to integrate them

Ability to make decisions easily, and carry them to the team

The ability to be mindful of creating a learning culture in which employees love to learn something new all the time

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Why is coaching
important for leaders?​

We have defined 22 qualities of a good leader

Leadership influence is essential in teamwork. In order for leaders to help their teams grow and develop, they may need coaching services to keep up with the changing and developing innovations and improve their teams. Coaching adds leadership values, behaviors, and vision to leaders, allowing them to lead their teams in the best way possible. They become ‘empowering leaders’ whose main responsibility is to establish good rapport and bonds between team members. In this way, teams show effective working and a sense of belonging; in other words, employee retention can be managed.

How does leadership coaching work at Amaze Growth?

As Amaze Growth, we carry out our leadership coaching service in the most effective way with workshops and online training. In this way, we help you gain leadership qualities, which increases your team’s performance by 60%.

Defining Objectives

Together we define the objectives of your management training. This takes place with the coaches, the C-Level and, if necessary, HR.

360 Leadership Assessment

Coachees take an assessment based on self-assessment and peer assessment. This helps us to identify current weaknesses.

Creation of the coaching roadmap

We define the coaching topics as well as the intensity per topic.

Session Planning

Planning of the sessions, whether regular on-remote or with workshop blocks.

Session Implementation

Implementation of the sessions.

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In our leadership coaching, we coach and train leaders in the pillars:

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All of our tools are easy to use and easy to remember

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Gen Y and Gen Z Focused

New approaches that satisfy the different needs of managing employees

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We work with the latest frameworks from research and have a strong focus on these areas

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We work very selectively on different requirements

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Our executive coaching shapes the culture and a new mindset

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We collect and measure 360 Leadership Assessment

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Increased employee engagement

We retain and engage employees longer

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