Employee Development & Recognition

Maintain your best employees

The ability to spend sufficient time to develop employees so that they remain with the company.

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What is it?

Learn how to develop employees, build competencies and provide transparency and feedback to motivate them intrinsically.

Leaders are responsible for the development and retention of their employees. Generation Z and Millennials in particular demand personal development from their managers.

The aim of this skill is to help managers understand the urgency of employee development and recognition and to provide them with simple tools to develop and retain employees over the long term.

What is covered in the module?

In our Employee Development & Recognition module, we coach and train leaders in the pillars:

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Goal Setting

We clarify the scope of this module and define your learning objectives.

Expectation Framework
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Why employee development

Understand the psychology of why employees want to develop with their leader and what the principle of replicability means.

Reflection on employee development
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Planning staff development

Learn how to integrate employee appraisals into your everyday management and how to promote space for development.

Planner employee appraisals
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Conduct employee appraisals

Get our interview guide for role descriptions, goal-setting interviews and check-ins and adapt it to your needs.

Template Role Description, Goals Setting Tasks, CheckIn
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Practice cases

Give feedback to managers on appraisal interviews (fictional) and learn which points should be emphasized and which should be avoided.

Feedback Employee appraisals
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Peer counselling

Conduct an appraisal interview in the group and receive/give feedback on how you / your colleague can improve.

Feedback Employee appraisals
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Summary & Feedback

We will summarize the session together, and you will give us feedback.

Summary Cheat Sheet

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How can you learn this module?

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

A coach will learn with you how to develop a healthy habit routine to achieve targets.

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Learn with a group of people of your organization how to build-up healthy habits to achieve targets.

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Attend in a Workshop

Attend in a Workshop

This module is taught in a group workshop on:

12 / 02 / 2023

2:30 PM

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12 / 02 / 2023

2:30 PM

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Book the Online Course

Book the Online Course

Book the online course and learn yourself how to develop a healthy routine to achieve your targets.

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What is in our hearts & minds

Learn more about Employee Development & Recognition.

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