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In a world where top talent is increasingly selective, strong employer branding is the key to success. At Amaze Growth, we have developed a unique approach to elevate our clients’ employer branding to the next level. Our focus is on thoroughly analyzing company culture and developing a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that attracts and retains top talent. In this blog post, we provide insights into our approach and demonstrate how we help companies build an authentic and appealing employer brand.

Our Approach

At Amaze Growth, we adopt a holistic and customized approach to employer branding, based on the cultural alignment of the company. Our goal is to make employer branding measurable and culture-specific, to find the talent and personas crucial for the company’s growth.

Cultural Analysis and Positioning

The first step in our approach is a detailed analysis of the company culture. We use various methods, including employee surveys and qualitative interviews, to gain a deep understanding of the current culture. Based on this analysis, we identify the cultural archetypes that best fit the company and authentically represent the employer brand.

Defining the Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Based on the cultural analysis, we develop a strong and differentiated Employer Value Proposition (EVP). This EVP forms the foundation for all employer branding activities and clearly communicates the unique benefits and values of the company as an employer. A well-defined EVP helps attract and retain the right talent by clearly and concisely conveying the company’s core messages.

Creative Concept and Implementation

Next, we create a creative concept that visually and textually implements the EVP and the company’s cultural positioning. This includes designing career pages, social media campaigns, and other communication materials. Our goal is to present the employer brand authentically and appealingly to persuade potential candidates.

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Internal and External Transformation

Internal Transformation

Internal transformation is a crucial part of our employer branding approach. It involves embedding and making the employer brand values and EVP tangible within the company. We achieve this through various measures such as employee programs, training offers, and creative campaigns. An authentic and lived company culture is key to a successful employer brand.

External Transformation

External transformation aims to communicate the employer brand to the outside world authentically. This includes updating the company website, creating authentic videos, and semantically optimizing job postings and social media posts. Through targeted marketing campaigns and clear communication of the EVP, we strengthen the company’s positioning as an attractive employer.

Continuous Measurement and Optimization

A key component of our approach is the continuous measurement and optimization of employer branding activities. Through regular analyses and feedback loops, we ensure that the measures are effective and continuously improve the employer brand. This helps us to respond flexibly to market changes and sustainably strengthen the employer brand.


Our holistic approach to employer branding at Amaze Growth is based on in-depth cultural analysis and the development of a strong Employer Value Proposition. Combining internal and external transformation measures and continuously optimizing our activities, we create an authentic and appealing employer brand that attracts and retains the right talent.

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