We are the systemic consulting firm

We consult and coach organizations to grow with new work approaches in Leadership, Strategy & Vision, OKRs and Employer Branding.

We already supported +400 organizations through our proven combination of consulting, coaching & training approach in growing their business sustainably with NEW Work approaches.

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We empower individuals and teams in organizations

We are connecting the implicit factors for sustainable company growth – which all starts with positive leadership, a compelling vision & strategy, actionable OKRs embedded in a loving employer brand. We empower individuals and teams in organizations to adopt New Work approaches in five important growth areas.

Leadership Development

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We increase the self-efficacy of employees through leadership coaching with positive psychology. At the same time, we work on the employer brand.

Purpose, Vision, Strategy & OKRs

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We support your management team in finding purpose, vision and strategy. We make strategies actionable through the use of goal achievement systems such as OKRs

Customer Success

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We sharpen the sales mindset and skillset in existing customer teams and bring consulting expertise into sales teams, e.g. to develop customers in a solution oriented manner and at the same time increase our own “product adoption”.

Employer Branding

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We analyse corporate cultures and develop a suitable Employer Value Proposition. We support HR teams in making the employer brand visible.

Organizational Development
& Change Mgmt.

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We change the mindset to the positive in large change processes through customized interventions in teams or entire companies.

Our WHY – the PEOPLE

We enable more people to develop purpose driven leadership

Our why is to enable more people to develop purpose driven (self-)leadership to grow personally and as a company. In order to achieve this goal, we developed a unique approach in which state-of-the-art consulting techniques and tools are supported by coaching and training in order to empower all relevant stakeholders in the growth process.

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Your Amaze Growth Team

Our coaches will help you to empower your people behind your numbers and help you to unlock your growth potential.
We have +140 years of management, leadership, business strategy and SMB
experience that ensures our clients a successful service delivery.


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What makes us stand out is the connection we build with our clients. For us, the most important transformation factor is the people behind the numbers. Our focus is on building a mindset shift, developing relevant business skills and helping you outperform your competitors.

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Lukas Höller

Elements GMBH

“Amaze Growth helped us to develop consulting skills in our performance mgmt. team. We have really build-up a new skill set.”

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Barış Gürbüzler, COO

Mickesson Nordics

“Amaze Growth helped us to develop new perspectives on our business and was hands-on to implement fast solutions to our growth challenges”

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Felix Wenzel, CEO


“Amaze Growth is a great sparring partner to support our ambitious growth development. We work continuously and extensively with the coaches to accelerate our growth.”

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