Habit Building and Target Achievement

Maintain a Work Routine

Teach managers the principle of regular routines in order to achieve large goals in the long term.

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What is it?

Develop the right routines to achieve your goals. Learn how to continuously work on your goals instead of just waiting for a big bang.

Regular execution of the same activity can be achieved, provided that the regular application is carried out.

The aim of this skill is to teach managers the principle of regular routines in order to achieve large goals in the long term. It is also clearly delimited from the fact that the regular activities do not degenerate into a one -dimensional passion.

What is covered in the module?

In our Module Habit Building and Target Achievement we coach and train leaders in the pillars:

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Goal Setting

We clarify the scope of this module and define your learning objectives.

Expectation Framework
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Energy Levels

Reflect on the goals you want/need to achieve in your leadership role in the next 12 months and how you can shift energy levels to them.

Energy level Canvas
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Working Smart

Understand your own circadian rhythm to leverage the time when you work best conceptually, operationally and most energetically.

Circadian Rhythm canvas
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Body messengers for focus

In addition to your circadian rhythms, amino acids play important roles in giving your brain focus! Learn how to focus better with a few biohacks.

Bio Hacks Focus
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Definition of Habits & Routines

Develop your own habit canvas on basis of micro habits to achieve your 1–2 goals in the next 12 months.

Micro Habit Canvas
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Summary & Feedback

We will summarize the session together, and you will give us feedback.

Summary Cheat Sheet

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How can you learn this module?

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

A coach will learn with you how to develop a healthy habit routine to achieve targets.

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Learn with a group of people of your organization how to build-up healthy habits to achieve targets.

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Attend in a Workshop

Attend in a Workshop

This module is taught in a group workshop on:

12 / 02 / 2023

2:30 PM

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12 / 02 / 2023

2:30 PM

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Book the Online Course

Book the Online Course

Book the online course and learn yourself how to develop a healthy routine to achieve your targets.

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