Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to empower your organization to high-performance growth

After more than 20 years of change management and growth consultation, we jumped to the conclusion that the only differentiating factor to make an organization successfully grow is the PEOPLE behind the numbers.
Hence, true change can only come from a significant mind and skillset shift on leadership and employee level. Our passion is to support your transformation to a new work organization, fullistically.

Our Purpose - Amaze Growth

We combine New Work with Performance

We help established leaders apply the principles of New Work

Performance is achieved by asking employees to compensate for deficits to reach benchmarks. However, leaders are increasingly struggling to shape their organizations towards a high-performance culture, so they are looking for new solutions that align business with employee wellbeing. The solution is actually coming from New Work principles: allowing employees to perform at a high level but also welcoming them to recover in order to build down stress and build up recreation.

A New Work culture relies on constant high performance. We help proven leaders to build up these principles in their organization and enrich young leaders with human-centric principles, so they can shape them in an organizational structure.

Goal / Why



Classical Leadership

Goal / Why

Achieve results


Overcome deficits to achieve demanded results


Extrinsically motivated employees

Positive Leadership

Goal / Why

Realizing Visions & Goals


Realizing Visions & Goals


Intrinsically motivated employees

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How do we transform organizations into New Work organizations?

We empower individuals and teams in organizations

We empower leaders to create work environments where employees come and stay so that extraordinary growth can be achieved. For this purpose, we provide services in the area:

leadership development | Amaze Growth

Leadership Development

We transform leader’s skill- mindset towards New Work with positive psychology

strategy vision | Amaze Growth

Vision & Strategy

We support the development of a compelling vision and strategy to set the foundation of growth

okrs | Amaze Growth


We implement goal setting systems such as OKRs to support growth and transformation

employer branding | Amaze Growth

Employer Branding

We shape organizations in loved brands on the principles of New Work and branding expertise

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