How self-aware leaders create better team performance

Many of us have experienced inspiring leadership that has influenced our lives. A few of us have also had the taste of bad leadership, the type of leadership that keeps you awake at night and affects your personal life. But we believe that those leaders that inspired us, make daily efforts to invest highly in people and self-awareness. Not results.

The connection between Self-awareness and Neuroscience

Neuroscientists have believed that three brain regions are critical for self-awareness: the insular cortex, anterior cingulate cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex. This theory was challenged by the University of Iowa by showing that self-awareness is more a product of a diffuse patchwork of pathways in the brain, including other regions, rather than confined to a specific area. This is what we call “The ability to connect the dots”. A methodology for Leaders to practice disruptive thinking, created by Amaze Growth.

Self-awareness as a pivotal component of conscious experience

Latest research shows that when we see ourselves more clearly, we’re more effective leaders, have more satisfied employees which creates more profitable companies. Although 95% of people believe they have self-awareness, only 10-15% fit the criteria.

We have two types of Self-Awareness:

  • The ability to monitor our inner world
  • The ability to differentiate between how we see ourselves and how others see us

Leadership awareness and team performance

For teams to perform effectively, each leader and employee needs the skills and constant habit-training of self-awareness.
By discovering yourself as a leader, you will be able to discover who your employees truly are and how you can support them. What is their purpose, values, motivation and mindset? Not until then, can we understand their behaviors and support them through the needed transition.

Self-awareness is not the only truth but one of the 12 phases in our leadership journey.

Why self-awareness is so hard to implement

  • Our Default Mode is controlling our behaviors
  • Practicing Self-Awareness takes effort and constant training
  • Viewing results from our employees point of view requires high emotional intelligence

What are the benefits of self-awareness?

  • The ability to become more confident to make and reach goals
  • Increase of creativity
  • Growth in relationship building
  • you will be able communicate more effectively which leads to more efficient outcomes

Best practices to become self-aware

  • Use self-awareness tools that are aligned with performance
  • Teach self-leadership skills in addition to self-awareness
  • Correctly understand people’s capabilities to enable positive growth

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