Agile Client Development

In this blog article, we discuss how digital marketing agencies can analyse, measure and push their own client development.

What you will learn from this article:

  • Understanding of your current customer lifetime value
  • How to setup scrum roles within your client development
  • How to conduct agile retrospectives with  clients

To explain the most important points in detail, we divided the content into the following points: 

  1. Definition of customer lifetime value
  2. Scrum roles in client development
  3. Agile retrospectives with clients

1. Definition of “Customer Lifetime Value”

In easy words, the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) can be defined as the value a customer generates during their time as customer 
of a company. 

To calculate the CLTV of your agency, you can use the following formula:

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Our Tip: To make it easier for you at the beginning, you can use estimates to get a first idea of your numbers and standing. 

In action, it could look like this:

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The formula clearly shows that your client development potential is linked to your agency’s customer lifetime value. If you want to push the numbers / KPIs of your agency, we recommend you the following actions:

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2. Roles in Client Development

We propose a scrum process for digital marketing agencies to develop larger accounts. If you want to know more about how a scrum process looks like or how it works, please read our blog article from February 2020.

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In order to achieve an agile client development, you should keep the following 4 points in mind:

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Summary of Roles in Client Development: 

  • It is important to think of all the roles and responsibilities in the client development sprint
  • Differentiate between clients that can be developed and clients that can not be developed
  • Define communication levels according to development potential of your clients 
  • Assign roles and templates that are used within each client development meeting 

3. Agile retrospectives with clients

We propose five steps to develop a strategic roadmap with your clients:

1. Marketing Strategy & Customer Journey:

a) Discuss with your clients how they want to develop their market in 2021 

b) Define an individual customer journey with your clients to understand the          interdependencies of marketing & sales. Furthermore, define the re-purchasing cycle of your clients and derive the logic of retention vs. lifespan

c) Analyse your clients’ current customer base and derive their Recency, Frequency & Monetary Model (RFM)

2. Value Case & Strategic Roadmap: 

a) Define a value case on basis of your clients’ individual needs

b) Define objectives with real numbers to reach the value case

c) Calculate business targets to reach

3. Media Mix: 

a) Align on how to allocate the required budget among different media channels 

b) Attribute your budgets according to your marketing channels

c) Define the See-Think-Do-Care funnel with your clients in a service map

4. Seasonal Campaigns:

a) Define the seasonal campaigns with your clients to push sales & increase basket value

b) Define your audience targeting for each of the campaigns and also the format video, display, text or audio

c) Discuss how a technology stack can be built that allows sequencing and optimisation of first party data

5. Operational KPIs:

Align on your operational KPIs to measure to see how to increase their performance 

If you want to get to know more, visit our blog.

Your Amaze Growth Team

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