The impact of a Growth Mindset

We have all heard the term “Growth Mindset” but few of us have had the opportunity to measure the results and impact this has for organizations’ positive growth within any transformation. Working with over 250 organizations in 7 different countries we have identified the tremendous impact mindset has on growth. This is why we decided to do something about it.

1. Leaders and Employees are able to leave their default mode

We have an amazing brain that is constantly adapting to situational electric signals which is defined as neuroplasticity. Those neurons that are not active in a circuit will be eliminated and hence through our experiences we become what we are. The older we get, the more difficult it is to leave the neuronal structures, the highways of our thinking structures. Furthermore it gets harder to use the small “forest paths” to get new creative ideas. We call the highway thinking structures as “our default mode”. However, you can coach and train to actively leave your default mode: This means you will leave your normal routines and conclusions. As a result,  you become more aware and reflective of other electric signals to connect the dots, to see the pink elephant in the room. Those teams that actively practice a growth mindset have established a strong learning culture and encourage all levels to learn and connect new things with existing knowledge.

2. Leaders and Employees developed a strong self-governance

Latest research shows that when we see ourselves more clearly, we’re more effective leaders and thus have more satisfied employees which are able to create more profitable companies. Although 95% of people believe they have self-awareness, only 10-15% fit the criteria.

3. The Leadership encourages and practices a strong growth routine

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In organizations with a strong growth mindset, leaders encourage their followers to build-up the habit of practicing constantly TIGWRAS. TIGWARS describes a framework that we have developed for teams in larger transformations. It can be seen as a standup to recall why we do things and to activate all four happiness hormones constantly:

  • THANKFUL: What are we thankful for today? Why am I / we remarkable ? This will stimulate your serotonin and you will first consider the positive side.
  • IMMEDIATE STATUS: What is our current immediate status? How do we feel and how do we focus today? This helps to focus on the current plan
  • GOAL: What are our goals and what do we need to achieve today, this week, this month to accomplish a sub-goal? This activates our dopamine to complete goals.
  • WHY: WHY do we do this? What is our vision to achieve? This activates the endorphins to continue our bespoke journey.
  • RESOURCES: What resources do we have to achieve our goals? Who has a special talent to support the next goal? This activates again our Serotonin, especially when colleagues and leaders show gratefulness for everyone in the team
  • ACTIONS: What three things do we need to have achieved until we will meet again? This again activates the focus and the dopamine
  • SUPPORT: Who else do we want to support during our journey? This will stimulate the development of Oxytocin to think and care about someone outside your inner circle

The Growth Mindset as the foundation of our company

We got great results so far with training and developing a growth mindset in those organizations and hence, we want to scale this approach to a larger audience. Our goal is to empower organizations to tackle tomorrow’s problems. Hence, we, Naomi OlofssonLea Kalbfell and myself founded Amaze Growth. Our purpose is to empower leaders and organisations to develop a growth mindset in order to be able to think more disruptive, to become more innovative and to be able to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Furthermore, we want to help to implement successfull transformations to save our climate and planet.

Do you agree with us that only a growth mindset can bring disruptive innovation?

If you want to get to know more about us or about our what we do and what we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Your Amaze Growth Team

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