Find your personal Why and Vision

2019 was a very busy and engaging year. At the end of the year, I was asking myself:

You are a coach yourself and currently you are not able to keep your personal Why and Vision up living. Is it really something tangible that is guiding you? Or are you guided by all the requests from your clients? It is definitely not easy to build up your own firm. When I decided in 2018 to not only be a freelance coach or consultant but to build up Accelerate Coach / Amaze Growth, my workload definitely increased since there is a huge strategic workload aside. I need to invest a minimum of 30-40% on top of my time into business development, writing a book, shaping the service offering, hiring people and implementing operational processes.

Finding my own Why

It is still a lot of fun, but normally on Friday evening I am asking myself: what did you really do the entire week and where did all this time go into? I barely had a really fulfilling Friday evening in 2019 where I was fully content. There was still a bit of guilt. The reason: 1-2 tasks always need to be finished on Sunday evening or Monday morning. I know from plenty of my coachees that this is a very common feeling. Not necessarily only among entrepreneurs but also among leaders in large transformations. So during my Christmas vacation, I decided to change these Friday evening feelings since this feeling of “unfinished” makes me really depressed in the long run. Normally I get this quick dopamine reward feeling, when a task is complete but I rarely get a real feeling of being satisfied – like the neurotransmitter Endorphin, this kind of feeling of real satisfaction that is not too fast arousing.

Four easy tricks leading to satisfaction:

In order to change this Feeling, I came up with 4 simple rules to change in 2020. The goal is a true and honest feeling of satisfaction and I would like to share these easy hacks with you:

1. Changing my perspective: the way is the goal

I am a hard worker and I can achieve a lot in a short time. In the past, I used to get up in the morning and thought: “what shall be done by tonight”. Because of this, I changed the perspective and I rather ask myself: “What I am grateful to learn today”. This makes me less stressed and more excited to discover new aspects on our long journey.

2. Priming my focus

There is always something emergent coming up, that needs to be done immediately. Instead of being directed by other people, I am setting my own monthly focus now. What do I want to achieve and what will make me really content to see to grow as part of my vision. This changes my perspective and I can really snooze emails and chats during the day since I am very clear about my own agenda.

3. Efficient time-boxing

Knowing my focus, I started to do a weekly time boxing for my own agenda, to really make sure I have time and focus to finish my work. To measure my time, I#m currently using an easy time Management tool called TYME. 
On the one hand, this makes me really focused and on the other hand, I also stopped certain activities since they were not supporting my focus.

4. Efficient time regulation

In 2019, I overstretched my personal borders very often. Due to the workload and deliverables I had very often only 4-5 hours of sleep per night and not sufficient daily exercise. In my current course in neurology, our teacher Dr. Lynda Shaw, explained the negative impacts on the brain with too limited sleep and not sufficient downtime. Since the beginning of January, I try to activate my Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) with daily breathing & yoga exercises. Furthermore I make sure to have  min. 6 hours of sleep and the 25-5 rule. So I normally work for 25 minutes and I take a 5 minutes break. These self-regulation activities help me to become more creative and even more efficient in working on my tasks.

How the four rules of happiness changed my view of my personal vision and why

Implementing these easy four hacks in more than 45 days helped me to build up a routine to really feeling satisfied and content on Friday evening. There is not a change in my current workload, but there is an inner change that I feel really happy, excited and connected to my personal WHY and vision.

Do you have other tricks or tips on how you keep focusing on your personal WHY and vision? I am super excited to learn from your hacks and grateful if you share!

If you want to get to know more about us or about what we do and what we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Your Amaze Growth Team

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