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Successful companies have a clear vision with a higher purpose and know exactly what they want to achieve today, tomorrow and in 10 years.

With our Vision & Strategy Discovery, we support companies to recalibrate their vision and strategy in a meaningful way to achieve a higher purpose. Our strategic framework is designed to help them implement goal-setting systems like OKRs or V2MOM.

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We support Organizations

with our Vision & Strategy Discovery

The purpose of the Vision and Strategy is to clarify the values that guide an organization. This makes it possible for all employees to understand what they are working for and on, and how these values can be realized through their work.

In Vision & Strategy Discovery, we support organizations in four important areas:

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Audit of the company’s mission statement, vision, strategy and goals

Often organizations have done many rounds to establish their vision, strategy and goals. We analyze the vision, strategy and goals and put them in relation to quantitative figures, the average growth of the last years, the fluctuation of the employees and the innovation power. On the basis of our audit, we figure out the current lack of visionary thinking and strategic growth.

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Developing a corporate mission statement with a higher purpose

A company with a higher purpose is more attractive. It all starts with a higher purpose; we are not just selling something, we are creating value for society and its people. Often organizations lose their higher purpose, their meaning, only still hanging it on the wall as something which is yet to become reality. In this case, we develop the common meaning with innovative approaches in different workshop formats. The purpose is not a claim that is just hung on the wall, but a mission statement that the management and all individual employees can align themselves with. Furthermore, it is especially important for Millennials / Gen Z employees to have a tangible purpose that they can align their daily work, so they see themselves contributing to something meaningful and significant.

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“ Companies that have a strong higher purpose retain their employees 40% more than companies without purpose. “

Deloitte, 2019

To make purpose tangible, we work with the organization to develop a mission statement.

We define what our higher purpose means for:

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Communication of the Goals

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Corporate Identity

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Employer Brand

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Positive external image

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Retention & employee motivation

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Orientation in conflict situations

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Development of cultural values

Values help to align the organization’s people, processes, and technologies in order to achieve business goals. They are derived from an organization’s mission statement and work as a way of guiding behavior that aligns with the organization’s vision. Values serve as a compass for making decisions and help inspire co-workers to be their best selves in pursuit of those same objectives.

Once the core values are elaborated, we develop a creative implementation plan to bring the core values into the organization.

This can be done through:

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Regular Communications

E.g., retrospectives: “What did I experience this week with this value? Or “How did I communicate with the organization in inspirational videos and emails?

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Regular Interactions

These often take place within the team and can either take place in a standard meeting as an opening or in separate 15-minute meetings (1) What did I experience this week with the value (2) What value impressed me in a team member, etc.?

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Developing a strategy

Many companies think they have a strategy, or at least the strategy is clear in the minds of the executives. However, a strategy must be clear and understandable and broken down into steps so that people can understand how and why things work as they do.

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