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Victoria Deindl

Business Coach

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Victoria Deindl

Business Coach


Victoria Deindl holds an MBA from ESCP Business School, is Native American and a mother of two. Her career has taken her into management and sales at Henkel and into a role as Global Client Lead at brand consultancy Brandzeichen, where she was responsible for consulting, management and M&A transactions.

She held a similar position at Emanate, later Ketchum, and was also able to apply her extensive consulting experience at BMW, where she supported innovation management as an Internal Accelerator Coach.

Victoria is also a self-employed business consultant for start-ups and FMCG companies, and as co-founder of the VICTOR Ö // School of MOJO, a business and personal development institution, she has brought her extensive expertise and passion for business and personal growth to bear.

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“You do you.”


+10 years in Agency Management

set up a new office, led teams & managed business and steered global clients at  a Brand Communications Agency, including M&A into an international network

+15 years in Communications & Marketing Strategy

Experience in setting up global (digital) campaigns and frameworks – from strategy development, creative process to management and implementation

+4 years in Startup & Business Coaching

Supporting clients on Exec/ C-level as well as A/B-level in various topics, such as Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, Intrapreneurship, Leadership & Culture

+2 years in Entrepreneurship

Co-Founder of VICTOR Ö – School of MOJO, inspiring people to live authentically, intuitively and joyfully