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Naomi Virgin

Co-Founder & Coach

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Naomi Virgin

Co-Founder & Coach


Naomi Virgin is the CEO, Co-Founder and one associate coach of Amaze Growth. She brings a unique blend of 15+ years of experience as senior executive, mentor, business coach and entrepreneur to her coaching with business insight and professional expertise to her work. She supports organizations in developing their strategic vision and the skills required to meet challenging business objectives.

Known for bringing direct, honest and supportive challenges to those she works with, Naomi is a strong believer of engaging ‘hearts and minds’ within organizations. 

Naomi has worked on all sides of the client engagement including selling business, partnering with clients to design solutions, delivering the services and managing and forging ongoing client relationships with industries ranging from financial services to e-commerce. 

Naomi speaks Swedish and English fluently.

Arranger 1 | Amaze Growth


Communication 1 | Amaze Growth


Strategic 1 | Amaze Growth



Banking & Finance




“Every accomplishment starts
with the decision to try.”


+15 years
Coaching & training in professional services

+1 year
Founder Amaze Growth with Simone Lafargue

+4 years
Business coaching with focus on growth strategies

+9 years
Startup experience for multiple firms and industries

+5 years
Experience keynote speaker in leadership and SM strategy