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Manuel Bender

Business Coach

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Manuel Bender

Business Coach


Manuel is network business coach of Amaze Growth. 

Manuel has more than 6 years of experience as a strategy and management consultant in Europe and the Middle East. He has consulted primarily with clients in the telecommunications, aviation, energy, and government sectors. His consulting work focused on customer management, customer experience, corporate and business strategies, organizational development, digital transformation and national strategies.

For more than 6 years Manuel has been working as a consultant and coach for tech and non-tech start-ups in Europe and Asia. He specializes in business development, growth, market entry strategies, sales & marketing, digitalization, financial planning and corporate development. He is also the co-founder of several companies in the areas of Mobility, Outsourcing, and EdTech.

Manuel holds a Master’s degree in Management (M.Sc.) from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) from ESB Reutlingen. He has lived and worked in six countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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“Can-do” attitude 

Industry experience



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“Stay hungry, stay foolish!”


+6 years

Experience in strategy and management consulting at home and abroad. Management of large, complex projects for private and public clients.

+5 years

Experience as founder and CEO of several own companies in Mobility, Outsourcing, and EdTech. He is primarily responsible for business development, performance marketing, growth, product, operations and human resources.

+6 years

Serving as an external consultant to executives and senior managers of start-ups, scale-ups, and SMEs in Europe and Asia.

+10 years

Experience in managing and developing staff in consulting companies, and start-ups. Managing up to 50 employees and project members.