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Lea Weber

Working Student

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Lea Weber

Working Student


Lea Weber is a working student and has been part of the Amaze Growth team since 2023. Her tasks include comprehensive support in all areas of consulting, coaching and project management with a focus on marketing & sales.

Her heartfelt topic is people orientation in companies. She is convinced that employees should be at the centre of every organization. This conviction stems from her realization that happier employees can significantly increase the likelihood of a prosperous

Lea is studying Business Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart and has already gained various experiences in HR consulting as well as in marketing.

Lea speaks fluent German and English and some French and Spanish.

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Human resources consulting


Social Media Marketing



“Smile and the world changes.”


+ 0.5 year Amaze Growth
Consulting, Coaching, Project Management, Marketing & Sales

+ 0.5 year
Marketing: Social Media Marketing Support

+ 1.5 years
HR consulting: support in active sourcing, executive search, leadership development