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Bernhard Tretter

Business Coach

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Bernhard Tretter

Business Coach


Bernhard is a Network Business Coach at Amaze Growth Lab GmbH.

Bernhard Tretter studied catholic theology and national economy and is now working as a consultant and business coach for organisations and leaders on issues like organisational development, leadership and team development, change management and sales.

Before he started to work as a freelancing consultant and coach he worked for 8 years as organisational consultant for companies in the social sector, for NGOs and various trade and sales companies (e.g. two years in Hong Kong). After this period he first worked as a project manager and then as head of sales within debis Systemhaus and its follow-up organisations within Deutsche Telekom AG.

Bernhard speaks German and English.

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“There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work,
and learning from failure.”


+2 years
Executing management programs as freelancing trainer and consultant in eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) by order of the German office for foreign affairs.

+4 years
Organisational consultant for triAs von Blücher-Kübler Consulting, consulting for companies in the social sector and NGOs.

+2 years
Principal Consultant for Fiducia Ltd. Hong Kong, consulting of clients on trade and sales connected issues and coordinating Fiducias offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai And Shenzhen.

+13 years
First project manager within IT projects, then 11 years head of sales für debis Systemhaus Training and its follow-up organisations with Deutsche Telekom AG.

+6 years
Consultant and coach on issues like organizational development, leadership skills and development, strategy and business development, change management and sales-related topics especially sales controlling and steering and organization of sales organizations.