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Ann-Christin Fürbaß

Business Coach

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Ann-Christin Fürbaß

Business Coach


With her PR and communications expertise, Ann-Christin Fürbaß expands the
Amaze Growth team. Among the companies she has advised are Lufthansa, Die Zeit and Stadtsparkasse München. New Work, Employer Branding as well as Employee Engagement are among her focus topics.

“Authentic communication” is Ann-Christin’s secret to brand building. Only an appropriate strategy enables successful measures. These are orchestrated by her in a versatile way, after all, there is hardly a medium that Ann-Christin has not yet played on: Corporate podcasts, books, social media… And yes, even in internal communication there is more than just the intranet.

In PR, images and text have to complement each other perfectly. How convenient
that our Ann-Christin is not only a PR manager (Quadriga University) but also a
trained photographer.

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“You cannot solve a problem

with the same mind that created it.”

Albert Einstein


+10 years Corporate Communications

  • Realization of PR measures for various industries,
  • Art & cultural institutions (e.g. Museum Brandhorst, Museum Ludwig, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn), logistics (Lufthansa, Euro-Log),
  • Lifestyle & entertainment (e.g. Marc’O Polo, CinemaXx, FC Bayern Basketball) and many more.

+7 years of media experience

Radio (Klassik Radio & 95.5 Charivari Munich), Publishing (Callwey Verlag & Hirmer Verlag), Magazines (Vision Media)

+3 years startups & VC

Communications consulting for startups and venture builders with focus on sustainability as well as employer branding & new work strategies.

+10 years author, photographer & editor

Financing a degree in art history as a photographer and writer, official editor since 2020.