Organizational Development & Change Mgmt.

We shape the future, promote scalability and increase engagement through customised structures and processes.

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Do you have the following in your organization…

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Scaling is not possible

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Inefficient customer development

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Transformations stagnate & top talents leave the company

Then let’s talk about

Organizational Development & Change Mgmt.:

We accompany organisations on their path to change and further development:

  • We help to adapt to the new, hybrid world of work.
  • We promote organisational efficiency through an agile design of structures and processes to enable scalable working.
  • We take into account changes in work behaviour through artificial intelligence in organisational development.
  • We support the scaling and growth of organisations.
  • We increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

Our role: We are systemic consultants with an external perspective. Instead of writing long concepts, we develop the new organisational structure together with the staff in an agile way.

Through simple interventions, we create agile people development and promote a major mindset change to create a positive corporate culture. As Positive Change Coaches, we bring the tools of Positive Psychology and Systemic Coaching to the enterprise.

Our Subservices

We empower individuals and teams in organizations in the following areas.

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Organizational Development

Analysis & conception of agile organizations I Transformation of organizations I Transformation of teams & team development.

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Analysis Culture & Transformation

We examine the current organisational structure and derive a target organisation in which more agility, innovation and customer orientation can take place.

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Creator / Growth Mindset Interventions

We carry out Creator Mindset interventions throughout companies. Through this we promote the creative potential of employees and accompany them through change management measures in order to lead them out of learned helplessness into the creative space.

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Meeting structure and efficient meeting culture

We implement clear meeting structures in your company and promote an efficient meeting culture. This leads participants out of unproductive habits and into an effective work flow.

How we work

We work with the following six formats






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What are the benefits?

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Why Amaze Growth?

We are systemic consultants, i.e. we are measurable through our systemic coaching and focus on the human being; on the other hand, we are also management consultants who pay attention to the overall economic context of the company!

We think projects differently and combine three skills for you as partners….

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Strategy Consulting & Value Case Approach

We have +20 years of strategy consulting experience in our team. Every project starts with a clear value case calculation to highlight the strategic and business impact.

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Systemic / Coaching Approach

Each of our employees has systemic coaching training and also works up to 50% in systemic coaching. So we don’t just focus on consulting – we implement with people on the ground and keep after

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Project & Program Management Experience 

Project management is a core business. We are also strong in program management and manage programs for our clients in +40 countries, +1000 coachees and +25 different learning journeys. 

Our success stories

We love to work together with our clients on practical results. The feeling we get after every business coaching or consulting project when we see the positive changes we have created together with our clients, means everything to us and drives us.

We take pleasure in working with our clients to develop innovative solutions that move their business forward and give them a competitive advantage.

Marielle Habbel | Amaze Growth

Marielle Habbel

Personio GmbH

“Through the Mindset Intervention with Amaze Growth, our leaders have developed a positive mindset to guide their teams through a major transformation. After only a short time, the mindset in our teams changed for the better.”

Philipp Gunther | Amaze Growth

Philipp Günther

Lemundo GmbH

“Through Amaze Growth, we were able to make our organisation more agile and customer-centric. Our employees defined their own way of working together, which saved us a lot of effort in change management.”

How can you improve your organization?

We support organizations take these four simple steps:

Goal definition and status quo analysis

In the first step, we define the goals and analyse the current organisational form. What works in terms of customer, staff, service/product and business development? Where can efficiencies be raised?

Definition of a target organization

In the second step we define a target organisation and consider (1) How should this organisation be structured (2) What are the roles? (3) What are the responsibilities in terms of customer, employee, service/product and business development (4) What should the way of working look like? (5) What competences do we need to build up in the new organisation in the medium term?


In the third step, implementation takes place together with the target teams. I.e. the individual roles, teams and functions define their (1) responsibilities (2) working methods (3) competence matrix in different workshop formats.

Change of the organization

In the fourth step, the organisation is changed and during the change we accompany the teams with individual team development and the definition of the “Golden Circle” for the team.

Session Implementation

Implementation of the sessions

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