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We support companies in implementing goal-setting systems to break down strategic goals into measurable operational goals. This helps to continuously and steadily master major transformations and create valuable opportunities for the company.

Often, management teams have ambitious growth targets, but day-to-day tasks overrun the set goals every time. At the end of the year, you then wonder: Why do we never manage to implement our strategy?

We help to change that by providing the best OKR coaching possible by defining your goal alignment.

OKRs - Amaze Growth

What are OKRs?

OKRs, Objectives and Key Results is a

goal-setting system

OKRs, Objectives and Key Results is a goal-setting system that supports breaking down strategic goals into actionable objectives and measurable targets

Setting goals - Amaze Growth

Goals are strategic, longer lasting and need several objectives to be fulfilled.

Setting Objectives

A set of activities / a project to implement that has as an outcome measurable targets

Setting key results - Amaze Growth
Targets / Key Results

Key Results are measurable outcomes of objectives

OKRs are a good steering tool to invite your team to participate in strategic projects and to support teams and individuals to get the awareness of how much time can be invested in the realization of strategic activities. They also support teams and individuals to challenge them on their way to realize their goals.

What is the benefit for organizations to work with



Measurably supports the implementation of the strategy


Invites employees to help shape strategic goals


Does not replace operational KPIs


Are linked to the company’s vision, strategy and values

How to implement OKRs?

We support organizations to implement OKRs in four easy steps:

Analysis of Vision & Strategy

We evaluate your current vision, mission and strategy

Definition of Strategyzer

We develop the Strategyzer with you and derive the strategic goals

Definition of goal keeper

We define the Goalkeepers who are responsible for the individual strategic goals

OKR Training

We train with the leadership several OKR cycles to implement OKRs in a sustainable way

Why Amaze Growth as your OKR Consulting Partner?

It’s no big secret: OKRs come from Silicon Valley. Google has strongly shaped the terminology OKRs – and we also heard from some startups that OKRs are too “American”, too strongly “result-oriented” and too little people-focused.

We set up your OKRs for you, making sure you meet your strategic goals. With +100 OKR projects, we embed the OKR method into a strategic framework – similar to the V2MOM (Vision to Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measures), a goal-setting system implemented by Salesforce. We tailor your OKR system to your strategic goals.

finance kpi

Review of the financial KPIs


Review of the current strategy

dev goal

Development of strategic goals

strategic goals

Definition of activities to achieve strategic goals


Establishment of an operational OKR cycle


Training of OKR coaches

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“Amaze Growth is a great sparring partner to support our ambitious growth development. We work continuously and extensively with the coaches to accelerate our growth.”

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