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Employee referrals are a proven way to attract top talent, but they can only happen when the right employees already love you. Employer branding helps you to boost retention and employee referral rates, because people that work with you just love your company.

But it is also an external strategy to attract top talent to your organization.

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What is Employer Branding?

Every company owns a reputation that may include its services, employees, leaders, products and more.

Each and every company owns a reputation that may include its services, employees, leaders, products and more. When this reputation influences people outside the company enough to talk about it, then it is called a “brand.”

The employer brand is an organizational ambassador, representing your company. It reflects your organization’s values and culture, thereby attracting the right talent to help you achieve your goals.

Employer branding is not just a set of corporate pages and accounts on social media. It is much deeper than that. Employer branding is a fundamental process that involves your employee value proposition, your communication strategy and your engagement with current and future employees.

Employer Value Proposition

Employer Value Proposition - Amaze Growth

What are the values, purpose, vision and mission of your brand? What differentiates you from your competitors?

We analyze your current values and derive standards and principles for how your culture currently operates.

We help you define your organization’s values that guide everything you do.

We help you define your vision and mission, which describe the desired future state of your organization.

We help you market your organization to the top talent you want.

We help you position your organization as an employer of choice to a targeted audience of potential top candidates.

Strategic Recruiting

Strategic Recruiting - Amaze Growth

How do you attract the best talent to your organization and build good talent pools?

We can help you create a section of your website dedicated to showcasing your employer brand and job openings.

We help you build a database of candidates that recruiters can keep in touch with.

We help you build relationships with candidates that last beyond the job search.

We’ll work with the strengths of your people and organization and help you get everyone working with their strengths to get into a flow experience while achieving your goals.

We help you create the best experience for each job seeker in how they perceive your organization’s brand throughout the hiring process.


Communication - Amaze Growth

How to communicate your brand to both internal and external audiences?

We can help you create a consistent message to attract your target candidates.

We interview your employees at various levels of experience, and develop outstanding testimonials that can be used in all communications.

We evaluate what employees perceive as a personal benefit of working for the company – it could be fruit baskets, gym memberships, or MacBooks; sometimes HR and managers are unaware of the little things employees appreciate about their workplace.


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How to get in touch with your organization & your employees?

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What are the benefits for organizations to increase their employer brand?

talent | Amaze Growth

Attract Top Talents

Your organization’s ability to hire the right people

time | Amaze Growth

Reduction of time to hire

Hiring becomes a cheaper and more efficient process

retention | Amaze Growth

Employee retention

Your top employees will remain by your side

work ethics | Amaze Growth

Improving work ethics
in companies

Brand values are fundamental

How to improve your employer branding?

We help organizations improve an employer brand in four easy steps:

Culture Status Quo Analysis

We analyse the current culture and define the desired culture/candidates

Internal & external analysis

Coachees take an assessment based on self-assessment and peer assessment. This helps us to identify current weaknesses.

Workshop Moderation

We define the coaching topics as well as the intensity per topic.

Accomplishment of the transformation

Planning of the sessions, whether regular on-remote or with workshop blocks.

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