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We develop employer brands that authentically reflect your culture and help HR teams communicate them internally and externally.

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Employer Branding | Amaze Growth

Do you have the following in your organization…

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Slow and inefficient talent acquisition

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Low employee motivation and performance

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No competitive remuneration and benefits

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Low employee satisfaction due to lack of career paths

Then let’s talk about

Employer Branding:

As employer branding experts, we help companies to strengthen and develop their employer branding strategies:

  • We help them position themselves as an attractive employer to make talent acquisition more efficient and targeted.
  • We promote employee retention and loyalty through clear communication of values and culture.
  • We develop compensation and benefits strategies that are competitive and attract the best talent.
  • We improve employee satisfaction by providing clear career paths and development opportunities to reduce turnover.

Our approach is highly bespoke: we start by analysing the existing employer brand and culture, and then develop tailored approaches that fit the organisation’s identity and strategy. We work with HR teams to ensure a continuous process of employer brand improvement.

Our role: We are strategic advisors with an external perspective. Instead of writing long concepts, we work with managers and employees in an agile way to develop the employer brand that fits the company and makes it stand out in the job market

Our Subservices

We empower individuals and teams in organisations in the following areas

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Employer Value Brand Definition

We explore your corporate values and culture to help you define your employer brand identity. This strengthens your authenticity and sharpens your position as an attractive employer.

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Coordinate the implementation of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) on the website and internally

We work with your internal marketing team or external partners to effectively design and implement your employer brand based on your brand archetype.

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Internal engagement & communication design

We create a communication and engagement plan for you to effectively communicate the strengths of your employer brand internally and encourage employee engagement.

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External recruitment marketing concept

Guided by internal communications, we help your marketing team to actively engage in recruitment marketing and communicate the benefits of your employer brand externally.

Our formats…

We work with the following six formats






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What are the benefits?

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Warum Amaze Growth?

Wir sind systemische Berater, d. h. wir sind durch unser systemisches Coaching messbar und fokussieren uns auf den Menschen, auf der anderen Seite sind wir auch Unternehmensberater, die auf den wirtschaftlichen Gesamtkontext des Unternehmens einzahlen!

Wir denken Projekte anders und kombinieren für euch als Partner drei Fähigkeiten…

Why Amaze Growth?

We are systemic consultants, i.e. we are measurable through our systemic coaching and focus on the human being; on the other hand, we are also management consultants who pay attention to the overall economic context of the company!

We think projects differently and combine three skills for you as a partner…

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Strategy Consulting & Value Case Approach

We have +20 years of strategy consulting experience in our team. Every project starts with a clear value case calculation to highlight the strategic and business impact.

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Systemic / Coaching Approach

Each of our employees has systemic coaching training and also works up to 50% in systemic coaching. So we don’t just focus on consulting – we implement with people on the ground and keep after

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Project & Program Management Experience 

Project management is a core business. We are also strong in program management and manage programs for our clients in +40 countries, +1000 coachees and +25 different learning journeys. 

Our success stories

We love working together with our clients to achieve practical results. The feeling we get after every business coaching or consulting project, when we see the positive changes we have created together with our clients, means everything to us and drives us.

We are pleased to work with our customers to develop innovative solutions that drive their business forward and give them a competitive advantage.

Melisssa le | Amaze Growth

Melisssa le Roux


“Amaze Growth has enabled us to define a purpose and brand essence based on our existing values. This helps us to be a strong brand for our employees and future employees.”

Johan Wiklund | Amaze Growth

Johan Wiklund

Evidensia AB

“Amaze Growth has been instrumental in helping us to better position our employer brand, attract qualified talent and increase employee retention.”

How can you improve your employer branding?

We help organizations improve their employer brand in four simple steps:

Employer brand analysis

We analyze the current employer brand and identify the desired positioning and target groups. This helps us to define the key messages.

Internal & External Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis that includes both employee and market perceptions. This helps us to build on strengths and address weaknesses.

Strategy development

We define the employer branding strategy and the actions to be taken. This includes the development of communication channels, content and a clear timeline.

Implementation and monitoring

We implement the planned strategy and continuously monitor progress. This enables rapid adaptation and ensures that the employer brand is successfully positioned in the market

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