There is a huge buzz around the word NEW: – New Work, New Leadership and now even New Growth. But what is exactly meant with this Word “New”. In this article, we will explain to you what is meant with the buzzword New and why New Growth is subsequently the result of all efforts to transform your organization to NEW growth.

What is New Growth?

New Growth is the subsequent result of New Work – which is a new way of designing organizations that is based on employee-centric principles. Instead of asking employees to reach a certain level of performance, an organization provides meaning hence, employees can achieve progressively results. This is supported by unfolding employee’s strengths and resources. 

What does New Work mean in organization?

New Work is a terminology that has evolved from organizational development and means a new form of working which embeds meaningful and forward-looking work as the core foundation in agile and digital working environments. In simple words, this means that the daily work of individuals needs to be meaningful and progressive to achieve results. We would define one of the core developers of the terminology “NEW” is actually Frederic Laloux that has set room development with his best-selling book “reinventing organizations”

7 Principles of New Work - Amaze Growth
7 Principles of New Work

However, in the last 5 years, plenty of different concepts have been evolved on the basis of reinventing organizations to NEW workplaces in the age of meaningful and progressive. Therefore, the definition of New Work means for HR departments and their thoughts about their organizational development to think about:

  • Open Innovation: How to invite all employees to optimize on daily basis existing processes and how to support innovation to solve customer problems
  • Sharing Culture & Community Feeling: How to create a culture in hybrid working where people feel the sense of belonging and share their failures and successes?
  • Work-Life-Balance: How to develop a culture where high performance is delivered but in a healthy balance to allow the required time to recover for the next goal achievement
  • Psychological & physical well-being: How to support employees to feel psychological safe at work and to develop a healthy positive well-being to be right equipped for the high performance
  • Human Centric & Need Based: How to create a culture where employees have the full capacity to become self-determined but in alignment with the organizational rules and values
  • Coopetition: How to foster a culture of cooperation but also of competition and performance – because both are needed to be successful in the future 
  • Cross-hierarchical participation: How to allow flat hierarchies and having a voice on all hierarchical levels to allow feedback and shape to develop the vision, strategy and goals of the organization?

What are the benefits of New Work?

We are living currently in a paradoxical world: On the one hand we have somehow a crisis after recent events such as the COVID pandemic – but in comparison to other recessions, such as the recession of 2008 – we have no unemployment. We actually have a lack of skilled workers. 

New Work is fundamental to attract and retain high potentials that are needed for your overall business growth.

New Work Benefits - Amaze Growth
New Work Benefits

If your organization is also in need of skilled employees, it is time to shift towards New Work. With New Work principles, you can leverage with the right people the following organizational benefits: 

  • Increased organizational performance
  • More innovation force
  • Increased agility
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved competitiveness

How do you implement New Growth in your organization?

It is definitely easy to read and understand plenty of books, blog articles and vlogs to understand the principle of New Work. However, implementing New Work is much more tricky since it all starts with a cultural shift in your organization.

We have conducted plenty of projects with organizations and have been asked to shift the culture towards a New culture, and we jumped to the conclusion that this is only possible if there is a significant mind- and skill shift on the leadership level.

New Growth can only be realized if all leadership levels in an organization develop the mind- and skillset to lead employees on a need basis, but with a directive performance progression. Hence, our passion for 2023 is to show and inspire you how to become self-leaders and leaders on all levels in organizations to realize New Work principles to allow it to flourish with the benefits of New Growth even in times of uncertainty. 

You can watch our short video on New Growth & New Work below:

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